Tuesday, March 18, 2008

OHIO...My little Shoebox...Scrapbook Memories...24 hours....

So I just had one of the most fun experiences with my good friend Helen. Helen is the owner of My Little Shoebox. Her products are FABULOUS and we can't keep them in stock.

She was asked to do a filming for the show, Scrapbook Memories in Ohio, so we practiced filming and getting her prepared for this awesome show for about two weeks prior to going. I asked some of my design team members to create projects for them to be seen on tv and they did an amazing job!

We will be putting together a design team, so if you are interested please link me to your gallery, We would love to see your work. The official call will go out in the next month but we would like to see some of your work now. (hope that makes sense,LOL)

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our 24 hour trip....took off at 2pm here Sunday and arrived at 1am at our hotel. It was funny telling him we were checking out in less than 7 hours. We got up and started filming at noon. We were out of there by 2pm and got home at 11pm last night. CRAZY!!! LOL

This is me in front of the set of Scrapbook Memories.

Helen, Julie McGuffie, and I in front of the set.

It was so blazing cold in Ohio but a lot of fun!

I took pictures of Helen on the screen . I got to watch her film live. She did such a great job!

Stacy from Paper Crafts Magazine was there.

My good friend Wendy from Simple Scrapbooks was there too. It was so much fun hanging out with her. We had been meaning to pow wow but both of us have been so busy we didn't get to do any of that until we were in Ohio. It is so great to see where the magazine is going, they are working really hard to listen to their readers and put out a magazine that will inspire and teach. You will be seeing some amazing new ideas in their magazine so get your subscription!

Huge thanks to my girls Nichole King, Pattie Beltran, Michelle Tornay, Erin Yamabe, Krista Lund, and Rocio Duran for creating such beautifuly projects in such a short period of time!

Hugs, Suzy West

***sorry about the posting problem. Just fixed it and tested it myself, so it's working. Thanks for the scoop!***


Suzy West said...


Laina Lamb said...

Hope you had fun in Cleveland. It's ALWAYS cold here. I love the My Little Shoebox products. Here's a link to my gallery...
Laina at SIS

Lori Gentile said...

Congrats on the TV show. It looked like a lot of fun! I agree, My Little Shoebox products are GORGEOUS. My gallery is on my blog:

Radiogirl said...

Thanks for sharing about your experience!

Cindy said...

Hi Suzi,

It was great seeing you at the taping in Ohio, too. Helen sure appreciated your help!

Cindy Wyckoff
Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine

scrappfever said...

Hi Suzy,

I'm sure you remember me. I used to work with Michelle T. at Lucile Packard, I went to high school with Emelyn and I've been to your store when it was in the garage. i would love to be on your design team. I haven't uploaded all of my stuff but here's a link to my blog. http://lifeofascrapaholic.blogspot.com/
email: mdettec@gmail.com


scrappfever said...

Hi Suzy,

I don't know if you remember me...I'm the one from Brentwood. I used to work with Michelle T. at Lucile Packard in Wash. Hosp., I also went to high school with Emelyn and visited your store when it was in the garage.
I would love to be part of your design team... here's my blog. I haven't uploaded all of my work.




Maripi said...

Hi there Suzy. I can't wait to see what you guys in their show.

I would love to try out for the My Little Shoebox design team. My gallery is on SIS Maripi

elly rainbow said...

i would love to be considered!

click me!

scrappfever said...

Sorry for the repeat comment. I thought it didn't go through.

Vicki said...

Gorgeous stuff!
Here's my portfolio at SIS.
And my blog:

Erin said...

ooh! the My Little Shoebox looks amazing! Love your pics too..looks like a lot of fun! Here's my portfolio

Roni said...

wow, what a fun experience! it's great that you got so many pics!

I would love to be a part of something so new and fresh.... here's my link to my gallery
ScrapperRoni at SIS

and My Blog

susan j said...

Oh my...that stuff is gorgeous!! And I have 3 girls!!

Here is my SIS gallery.


And my blog address is

The Scrap Boutique said...

Would love to get a chance at being on a team

Bekka said...

The papers are lovely! Sounds like a great trip! Here's a link to the layouts in my SIS portfolio: http://www.scrapinstyletv.com/portfolio/view_album.php?album_id=7441

Nat said...

Gorgeous products - love the colors and designs. I'm interested :-)
Nathalie Kalbach
my blog: www.scrapbook-trends.com

milkcan said...


Check out my gallery at SIS:


And my blog:


bbhome said...

The stuff is gorgeous.
Here is my SIS gallery http://www.scrapinstyletv.com/profile_9519.html
My blog is over here

Anonymous said...

heres mine

Stephanie said...

I've never tried out for a DT position, but it's worth a chance...


emily said...

please, please take a look at my stuff! i just peeked at my little shoebox, and WOW! our lss must not carry that stuff...it's beautiful!
anyways...you can go to my blog...or my sis gallery here:

Suzy West said...

WOW! All of you have amazing galleries!

Carolyn said...

Oh wow - MLS has some gorgeous products!!

Here is a link to my gallery:

Carolyn said...

MLS has gorgeous products!! I will keep my eye out for the DT call!!

Here is my gallery, TFL :)

Marci Knecht said...

Wow, that's awesome! I watch that show all the time. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for that one.

RitaS said...

Helen wore a super color - she looks FAB on TV. I am sure all that prep paid of wonderfully - now if only I had cable to see it! (LOL) I love MLS products and stopped by the booth numerous times at CHA last summer. I sent in my application, but figure it will not hurt to link my gallery again. ;-) Thanks so much - I would be honored to be a part of a team that would be working with Helen's beautiful creations.
My gallery:

My Blog (and resume is linked there as well)


Red_Inc. said...

Hi Suzy
I've been eyeing all the MLS stuff since I saw some photos of it from CHA. I just took the plunge and ordered a pile of it online!
My blog is www.greenapplegirl.typepad.com

Julia BSB said...

Hi Suzy! Happy to know you will be back in Brazil teaching at AC Album-Rio on Nov 2009. I will try my best to be there! xox Julia Saddi