Friday, March 14, 2008

I've been ERIN!!

So I was tagged by my partner in crime...ERIN YAMABE

here’s the info:

Here are the rules…

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random pieces of me-

1. Everytime I order a burger I always ask for NO Pickles because I don't like them and yet I'm allergic to tomatos and take them off MYSELF when I get it.

2. When I sleep I put a blanket over my body but must have one leg out. WIERD!

3. I get nausious for EVERTHING! My friends laugh at me because it's for stupid things!

4. I hardly where make-up (use to be a make up artist), but when I do I use everything including liners, bases, eyelash curlers, etc.

5. I can't go to bed with out watching re-runs of Will and Grace every night. I have a ton recorded for the weekends.

6. I've been on TV many times!! show, reality show, news, shopping shows, etc.

7. I'm going to Alicia Keys and Jordin Sparks with Erin and Kristin!! Yippee!

Okay so I'm going to tag the following people....
and Allison.

Suzy West


Céline Navarro said...

hey hon!

I got tagged last week! you can see it on my blog! thanks!

Diane B. said...

My first tag! Yay! Check out my answers here:

thanks for including me in the fun!