Thursday, January 03, 2008

Today I am...

--grateful for my beautiful family. They really truly are amazing people. Everytime I think about all they do for me and the way they love me unconditional I feel so lucky.

--grateful for good friends. I have "friends" and then I have FRIENDS!! I am so lucky to have good FRIENDS in my life. The ones that think of me while at the store and say, "I was doing some shopping and wanted to know if you needed anything", or the "I made you something", the ones that travel hour distances on bart and then take a taxi to get here because, "I could tell you weren't okay" friends.

--grateful for work. Every morning even if I'm tired, I can't wait to see my store. I think of what it looked like before when I decided to have my business here and look at it now and it makes me smile that I got it to look like I wanted it to in such a short time.

--grateful for scrapbooking. Even though I don't do it as much as I'd like to, I know it's there and I'm so lucky to have it in my life. I am so happy when I complete a page!!!

--grateful for my camera. I was just looking at a ton of my pictures and I'm so grateful to have something that gets to capture the favorite people in my life!!

Today I am grateful!!
Suzy West


Jen said...

CHEESE! You forgot to say grateful for cheese!

Hugs from your 'cheesy'friend,

erin said...

awe, what a sweet post!
off to create one now...
and i'm thankful for morning songs!!! LOL

Laurie said...

Love you girlie!