Monday, January 21, 2008

It happens in 3's

So you know the saying, "it happens in 3's?" OMG was that true last week!
It was a rough one for our family, especially for Sierra, Tanner, and my dad.

Thursday night we took Sierra to Urgent Care because she was really sick. She got phnamonia. Poor thing was coughing and had a huge fever. As many of you know Sierra has a blood disorder so everytime she gets sick it affects her a lot worse. Last night was the first night that she slept with out waking up all night from coughing so much.

The next day my dad had to go in for surgery. They found a hole in his palette in his mouth. The poor guy was having problems breathing and eating. Everytime he drank something it would come out of his nose.

While he was in surgery, Christian called me hysterical! He told me to tell Angel to go to the hospital. Poor Angel had just started work. She rushed to the hospital! It turned out that Tanner has a hernia. So now the poor little guy is going to have surgery. It's been a rough week for Christian, Angel, and Tanner.

I am so grateful for an amazing family. When things are tough the entire family is there to help heal. Angel constantly tells us how grateful Christian is to have our family. We are all close and love him and each other very much!

Thank you for the prayers!!
Suzy West


erin said...

keepin your family in our prayers!
we love you girl!