Monday, December 17, 2007

What a fun weekend!!

I had a blast this past weekend!!!

Friday I worked but at night I got to just hang out with my friends. I scrapped with two of my favorite gals, Christiane and Pattie!! They are so much fun!!

Saturday, I worked until 2pm and then went to the niner game!!! It was so much fun!!! I got to hang out with Kristen, Steph, and two of their friends. It was such a fun high energy game!!
After the game I met my brother and Luis at the back lot and they got to meet some of their favorite players.

Sunday, I slept in a little. I went out with my little Sierra and bought stuff to make cookies and more Christmas presents.
We went out to lunch and had one of most fun conversations.
Sierra asks me.."Mommy I've been meaning to ask you. What's up with the tooth fairy? Does she really have wings AND if noone has ever seen her how do we know she has wings?"
"Also, how do reindeer fly? I believe it's magic! It's the only logical (didn't know she knew this word) explanation."
We talked about her health and fears. We talked about Christmas and other subjects.
She was so cute. I love our conversations.
Making cookies was a lot of fun!!! Sierra really got into her cookies. Of course, I forgot my camera at work so didn't get a picture. I was so bummed but at least I got to enjoy the fun.

This week I need to finish my shopping.
Suzy West


Laurie said...

Dude! You cooked? What's up with that!!! Love you sister!

Gillian said...

I just love the conversations that kids have :) Love that she thought magic was the only logical explanation! hehe

erin said...

you mean she baked, LOL!
that's our girl!!!