Friday, December 07, 2007


I love this time of the year!! I have this feeling of peace and joy and although we are always with extended family it seems even more fun during the holidays!
We have a lot of traditions during and can't wait to be together to do them!!

Christmas eve:
the kids open up ONE present. It's always the same thing...pj's.LOL
Santa Claus always calls. This is so much fun!!
We sing songs and read the Nativity story.
We eat at my parents house.
We make cookies for Santa.

Christmas traditions:
The annual kids talent show!! This is on Christmas day and ALL the kids perform. Each year a different kid is the "host". They love this! There is singing, dancing, poems, etc. We love this!
We always have tamales in the morning!! YUM!

New Years traditions:
We write down our New Year resolutions, sign, date, and put in a box.
Wear red undergarments--It's so you always have a great love life.
Money in your pockets--so you are never with out.
food on the table--so you always have food in your home.
burn that years calendar and put up the new one--out with the old in with the new.
eat 12 grapes--say a resolution with each grape you eat.

There are more but these are my favorites.

Hope you have a prosperous New Year!!! Hope it's filled with lots of love, peace, and joy!


cheerful cropper said...

great traditions suzy :) now you have to scrap a LO about them :)

erin said...

i love hearing about family traditions! when is the one where you cook? LOL