Thursday, November 01, 2007

Having fun with my friends and family!!

October was such a fun month for me!! I got to do a lot with my friends and family! Some at work and some at play!!!
Here are some of my most favorite photos for the month.

Erin, Lizz, Rocio, and I at La Fondue for Erin's birthday!! We were having a lot of fun and all of a sudden...earthquake!!! A huge chandelier was swaying back and forth pretty close to us!! We freaked out and then continued having fun!!LOL Erin and Lizz sang!!!! You don't want to know!LOL

We are one of 200 stores carrying the Creative Cafe. So exciting!!!!

This is a before picture...

This is after!!! Michelle and Angel posing for me!!

These girls crack me up!!!

One of the fun things we've been doing more of lately is bowling!!

Christian pretended he didn't know how to bowl. He was lying!

Jeremy loves to bowl!!
I suck!!! I concentrate like I know what I'm doing and then....2 pins!LOL I usually bowl a 101. LOL
Halloween night was a blast!!!

Check out Christian with his new mohawk! Angel cut it for him!

Cute picture of the two of them!
Jeremy in his scary mask.
OMG LOVE this picture of Rocio and I in a haunted house!! Hands all over the place!! I swear this one was trying to grab me!!

Sylvia was one of our awesome teachers!!

Maria working on the project Krista taught!
Michelle and I taking a fun picture! Love ya girl!
Rocio and Nichole! Nichole taught after Rocio. All the teachers TA'd for one another.
There are a ton more photos but these are some of my most favorite! Thanks for looking!! Hope your October was a lot of fun!


Suzy West


erin said...

omg, that pic of you and PO cracks me up !!!

jo said...

Awww! What great pictures! Fun! :)

Dayami said...

loved these pictures!!! tfs :)

Jan said...

Love the dramatic poses your friends did for you in the store. Too funny!