Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends!! Friends that make me laugh. Friends that I can talk to. Friends that let me be ME and love me anyways! :)
Today I'm feeling extra lucky to have such special friends!!

*Erin--I love our daily chats and the fact that I go home
with stomache aches from laughing so much when
I'm with you!

*PO--You are more than a friend, you're family!

*Laurie--girlfriend, you are such an amazing person!
I love our time together.

*Michelle Tornay--girlfriend, you are constantly inspiring
me!! Thanks!!

*Angel Woldhagen--even though you live far, I don't care. Everytime
we are together I'm soooo happy!! Love you sister!

*Jenn from Maine--girlfriend, you are the best. I look forward
to chatting with you EVERY DAY!!!

*Lonae--I love that we have been hanging out together for 8 years!
It's always a party when you are around!!

There are so many of you that I'm thankful for!!!

Love you all!!
Suzy West


erin said...

love you girl!!!

Jen said...

Suzy - my wonderful, amazing, funny, supportive friend. Thanks for being my sounding board and my cheerleader. (And thanks for laughing at my corny jokes!) I'm so blessed to have you in my life!


Doris said...


I went to the Bay Area Stampers website and couldn't get in - tonight its a website for notary publics...what's up???