Friday, November 09, 2007

Finally finished!!

Last night I finally finished my last project for our upcoming book. I took all my projects out to look at them. While they were on the table I took pictures of each item and inventoried everything.
It was so much fun to see everything I had created for the last few months.
Each one of us girls that worked on this book had a lot of fun. All of us have such different styles so it's going to be so super fun looking at the finished project. I can't wait for everyone to see what they created!!
My family was so patient while I tried to finish this book!! THANK YOU GUYS!

Thank you so much Erin, Sylvia, and Nichole! You guys ROCK!
Erin--this was your first book....girl you had me at space balls! LOL
Sylvia--wow girl!! You amaze me special!LOL
Nichole KING--YOU GO GIRL!!!

Thank you to all the mechanics at Picture Me Perfect!! Love you girls for always being there for me!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Special thank you to my daughter, Angel!! Thanks sweetie for being there with me late at night and for being my cheerleader!! I love ya man!!!

So now, I go to work, finish putting them in the boxes, and call fed ex to tell them to get these boxes out of here!!!

This weekend I get to play!!! I can't wait to see my girls tonight at the crop!!! Tomorrow night I'm taking out the family after work.
Sunday night we are going bowling!!! My plan is to beat my opponent...Christian!

Have a great weekend!!!!
Suzy West


erin said...

woohoo, cannot wait to see!
thanks again for this amazing oppty!!!
and for you, i might make you an extra space ball LOL

RiNNE said...

Congrats, Suzy! Your drive for your business and art inspires me!