Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Conversation with my 6 year old

So I was shopping with Sierra this past weekend. She was showing me what she liked. She shows me this stuffed animal and says, " It's a webkin and you can go to and play games mommy." I tell her how neat that is and how when I was young I didn't have the internet.
That comment sparked this conversation:
Sierra: "Is it because you were a caveman mommy?" (yes, totally serious! LOL)
Me: "Um no sweetie, I was not a caveman!"
Sierra: "were there airplanes when you were young?"
Me: "yes sweetie there were!"
Sierra: "Were there cars or did you have to ride a horse everywhere?"
Me: "sweetie....mommy isn't that old. We lived in a house like you do. We had cars and airplanes back then too."
Sierra: "Oh cool! I would love to see pictures of you when you were young! To bad there were no cameras."
okie doke, so I aged about 20 years after that conversation! LOL
HugsSuzy West


erin said...

i love that story!

Lene S said...

LOL So funny!!

a.l. clark said...

Ha, yeah, my niece and nephews say the same thing to me -- and I'm younger then their parents! Thats okay, the kids I volunteer with thought I was a high schooler, so it all averages out in the end :-)

Rock'nmama said...

Oh that is too funny. heheh I love it.

staceyfike said...

i remember that i got to take one of the first computer classes my jr. high offered and the only supplies we needed were CASSETTE TAPES to record our homework on.....ahhhh life before floppies, lol!!