Thursday, October 11, 2007

Neglecting my blog...

I know I know. It' s just been so busy that I haven't had time to post. Sorry and thanks for the reminders to get it updated. LOL

Let's see...since I last posted...

Jenn and I had a lot of fun here. She helped me a lot during our crazy fun anniversary crops. It was nuts!! 30 people each day. Lots of visitors as well. Lots of new products!! HOLY COW!!

We've re-done the store a thousand times as new things have come in.

We are preparing for an amazing event that my friend Lonae is putting together. She's hosting and coordinating a crop for the cure event.

We are also getting ready for THE BIG EVENT!!! The projects for this event are amazing!

I've gone to my favorite place, La Fondue a few time!!! I gotta say that this place is awesome!! They donated $100.00 gift certificate to the crop for the cure. They also donated other fun items!!!

We have the BIG crop with a bunch of girls from Scrap In Style TV. There are about 28 of us!!!

Lizz, Nikki, and I went out the other night to hang out with two fashionistas at Chevys. It was fun hanging out with Bernadette Henderson, who is also a 2007 HOF winner. Lisa Garay was there as well. She's such a sweetie pie!!

Let's see what else? The family is doing good. These past Saturday nights, I've gotten home to take the family out. We have gone bowling the last two times. It's been a lot of fun!!! I've actually managed to score above 100!LOL

Halloween is coming up. Sierra wants to be a princess. Jeremy is still not sure what he's going to dress up as. We'll probably go out with Rocio and her cousin like we did last year!!

Rocio and I are going to a concert next month in Vegas!! So excited about that!!!

I'm almost done with all my projects for our 8th book!! So thrilled!!

Okay I think that's everything. Hope this is enough info!!! LOL

Suzy West


luv2scrapmilestones said...

checking you out from SIS....
You have so much creativity...i will be back.


Hello...saw you on SIStv. Just stopping to check it all out! You're so busy busy!

erin said...

awe, you updated, you go girl!!!
can't wait til tomorrow...seems like it's been forever:)
i got spurs...LOL

Jen said...

Suzy - Thanks for such a great time! I had so much fun hanging out with you and your amazing group of friends!! I'll be back...bring on the cheese!