Thursday, October 25, 2007

My pal Sylvia!!!

My girl Sylvia is so much fun!! I don't know what it is, but different comments made today made me think of her.
Sylvia is so freakin' hilarious!!! We have spent HOURS laughing so darn hard that my stomache hurts!!!
She's attended two trade shows with me and we have cracked up each time!
One of the funniest things ever was when we were in Chicago and she was sitting in the middle between Rocio and I. She kept saying that she couldn't move because of her seatbelt. I thought she was just kidding. When I pulled the belt while we were laughing I realized she was telling the truth and she literally was stuck to the back seat. She couldn't even move half an inch! I don't know why, but we started cracking up so bad. You had to be there!!
She is so darn talented! I can't wait for everyone to see what she did for the next book we have coming out!!
Sylvia--You are so "special!!" LOL
Love ya girl!


erin said...

omg, that was funny w/ the seatbelt, but i couldn't get over the underwear down there!
you're special too! LOL

sylvia said...

aw, how "special"!!! i dont know, something about us traveling together, full moon or something!! see you tomorrow!! ;)