Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My friend Erin!!!

So Erin says to me,
" I want to take pictures of you
and I to show my girls how silly I am!"
OMG, you want PROOF???? LOL
We took many pictures...
of which maybe 1 or 2 could be
shown to others!LOL
We are just that silly together!!!
When I saw this picture on her blog I
cracked up so loud I thought I was
going to pee my pants!!
I love ya girl!!
You are my funny lady
my robot and dolphin dancing
my gelato and fondue loving
"I dont know what to say about that....HUH?" friend!LOL
On a serious note...
There is nothing I would'nt
do for you!
You are always there
for me
know that I will always
be there for you!!!!
I love ya girlie!!
Suzy West


Lizz said...

*ahem* Where's my photographer credit?

Noelia said...

That pic is hilarious! So cool that you get to hang out with Erin, she's FAB!

madretz said...

You guys are soo funny and it's so hilarious to see you two together! BTW, I had to watch that britney and chris crocker video again and again and again when i got home. OMG, i still can't believe it!

Laurie said...

I LOVE you both sooooo much!! Missing you both!!

erin said...

HUH??!!! wait, i'm confused...was i there?
i love you too suzy:)