Monday, September 24, 2007

So excited!!!

La Fondue finally re-opened!!! Yipee!!!
They closed in June so they could move the restaurant about 20 yds. down the street.
They were supposed to close for ONLY 2 months. They ended up closing for THREE and I was having serious withdrawls!!
I was calling every week to see if they were open and I kept getting the same message...that they were closed.
So last week I called and the message was gone and the phone started to ring!! I was soooo thrilled that I didn't know what to say!LOL
I got a new gal and made my reservation. TWO OF THEM!LOL One for this week and one for next week.
So tonight, Erin, Rocio, and I will be heading over there!!!
Oh forgot to mention, they opened on Friday. I went on Saturday!!LOL
It looks super!!!! They have the blue, pink, black, and I think they said the retro room.
Can't wait to go with my girls!!
Suzy West


Laurie said...

Hope everything works out and I can come along after anniversary crop!! Wahooo!!!

jo said...

super awesome! I'm hoping to pay them a visit for our anniversary in a couple of weeks! :)