Friday, September 07, 2007

I've been Simponized!!

Have any of you Simponized yourselves? If you haven't, you should!!! Go here to do this!!! Let me know what look like.
Suzy West


RiNNE said...

Suzy!!!! That lady is too dark, ha ha!! It doesn't really look like're prettier! did you adjust the eyes and nose?? Here's mine, I did it for my myspace acct.

Carole said...

ROFLOL! Oh my gosh girl, you crack me up! I've got to Simpsonize myself! I agree with Rinne, the skin tone is too dark.


madretz said...

Hiya Suzy! How fun is that!! TOtally cool, I love it. I did it too and added 'em to my photos back in July:

Crazy, right?