Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Getting ready for school

Everytime I think of the kids starting school, I'm reminded that they really are getting older. (It means I'm getting older too!LOL)
Sierra keeps telling me that she's not a baby anymore. I can't help it, she's my baby. Maybe it's because she's so tiny. She's always the smallest one in her class. She's going into 1st grade. She's so excited!!!
Jeremy is going into the 8th grade. His voice is changing and he's starting to grow. He's so stinkin' handsome!!
They start on the 4th of September. I guess it's time to start doing some serious shopping. It's time to get ready.
Suzy West


jo said...

I can't believe they're so grown up now! I remember coming to the garage and Sierra was 8 or so months old! Wow, how time flies!

They start school on my birthday! That's awesome! :)

erin said...

scary how it all flies by!!!

and he is taller than you