Monday, July 09, 2007

Happy birthday Jeremy!!!!

Unbelievable, my son is a teenager!!! Thirteen years ago I gave birth to my amazingly sweet and handsome son!!
Thirteen years ago today I was 34 weeks pregnant and for some reason I woke up that morning and felt horrible. I was so emotional and could not stop crying. I had no idea why. I called Paul and told him that I couldn't figure out why it was but I just needed to cry that day. He told me to stop or he'd take me to the hospital. I told him to take me because I couldn't stop crying. I also made a decision that it was the day to have Jeremy. Ummmm you can't just decide to have a baby whenever you feel like it. Well I had this overwhelming feeling come over me that Jeremy needed to be born that day.
After hours of crying I went to the hospital and of course they checked me. They said I was perfectly fine. They were about to send me home, and I got mad because I just FELT that he had to be born that day.
They had hooked me up to some monitors and were about to take them off when they saw that his heart rate was dropping. They brought in an ultrasound machine and saw that there was absolutely NO amnioc fluid. They looked at me and said, "I hope you didn't have plans because you are having your baby TODAY!". They also told me that if I had not come in that day he would have died!
So thirteen years later and look at him!!! He's so sweet. Last night we went to the movies and he put his head on my shoulders and it just touched me. I love him so much!! He's such a great kid!!
Tonight we are taking him to his favorite restaurant, Nijo's Castle. It's like Benijanas(sp?). Tomorrow I'm taking him and his friends to the mall to hang out and then Paul is taking them to a two story Lazor tag place!!! He's so excited!!!
I love you sweetie!!! Happy birthday!!


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happy 13th jeremy!
looking very handsome:)