Wednesday, July 11, 2007


So there is a lot going on this month which is why I'm so exhausted!!! LOL
This past weekend we had a big crop on Friday. A 10am-10pm on Saturday. A huge garage sale(all the mechanics) on Sunday. We then took out the family to dinner and then watched the new movie Rat-a-something. SO CUTE!!!

So it must have hit me last night that I was exhausted and then realized that I...

**got the kids ready in the morning and dropped them off at my parents house.
**only to realize I should have brought Sierra with me because we had kids camp at the store. Lizz picked her up for me. She was there for an hour!!!
**Then took out FOUR teenage boys to the mall and to lunch.
**went back to work.
**closed the store @ 7pm and then took Sierra, Ashleigh, ANgel, Tanner, and Christian out to Golfland for some mini golf game. At the same time Paul had the four boys that I had earlier and ended up going to Golfland too!LOL
** got home around 10:45pm.
**watched Will and grace....and somewhere there fell asleep!

So let's see what's next...

We have a trip in 9 days. I have to still pack for that. We have to finish kitting my class that I'm teaching @ Windy City Scrapbooking. There are weddings and a few baby showers. We've had four birthday's in the last few days and two more this next week. We have a few classes and lots more going on.

Even though I'm tired, I enjoy going home and spending time with my kiddos.
I'm excited when I'm with them and Sierra is telling me, "You're the best mommy in the world!"

Okay so off to work. Have a great day!!


Laurie said...

You go girl!!! See you Friday!!!

erin said...

omg you go suzy!!! and your elbow...can't wait to see you friday!