Wednesday, July 25, 2007

CHA was a blast!!!

CHA Chicago was AWESOME!!! We had such a great time!!! There is noone that I would have loved to do CHA Chicago with than these three girls.
We laughed so freaking hard the time we were there I came home with a stomache. Regular words like "special" and "wonderful" became something crazy that we would laugh over!LOL You had to be there to understand. :)
As much as I enjoyed ordering for the store and seeing all the new products, it was the girls that I was with that made my time so memorable!!
Don't get me wrong, when it was work was work time. LOL All of us had a "job!"
Rocio--photography and the one in charge of "the credit card!" I think she liked that job a lot!LOL
Sylvia--Marking all the catalogs for us to remember what we ordered. She was awesome!!! She cracked us up @ the Maya Road booth!! Nothing is marked but we ordered everything time's 8!LOL (one of the laughing for hours moment)
Erin--had "the binder!" SHe had to write down the estimated ship dates, the totals, and keep the invoices together.
ME--I was in charge of getting to all the places we needed to go to. Find out what was new and how and when we could incoorporate things into classes, events, and more.
Anyways, when it was time to work we worked.
When it was time to play, we played...

Picture of us in front of the BEAN!!

I love this picture of me taking a picture of us in front of the bean.

This is us at the restaurant that we walked MILES for because I forgot where it was and couldn't remember the name. It was a place where they served all MINI foods. So much fun! Finally decided to ask someone if they knew of the place and they said, "yes, it's called....Mini's!" ROFLOL

Sylvia and I @ Mini's

A beautiful street we walked down while trying to get to Mini's

In front of the famous Chicago theatre.

A picture I took while standing 103 stories high @ Sears Tower!!

The first two nights we stayed with our fried AC in Chicago. We went all over the place!!!

Erin, Sylvia, and I posing for another shot!

Just another fun photo!!
We also saw the building where Oprah does her show. We saw the ABC Studio and where they film the news. We saw tons but I can't remember it all.LOL

Next show....Memory Trends!!!!


Laurie said...

Whaaaaa!!! I missed you ladies!!! So glad your home!

motherkearney said...

Ah, I wish I was sightseeing with you girls... hell, I just wish I had a crew of girls!

erin Yamabe said...

you missed the truly memorable folks leaving certain things in cabs and/or on the streets LOL

and how long did it take us to get that shot of our feet LOL

upload and share like r and s did:)

thanks again for this oppty--it was a very *special* time!

kerry lynn said...

looks like you and the girls had a great time! it was so wonderful finally meeting you irl!!

jo said...

Looked like a ton of fun! I'm so jealous! :)