Sunday, July 01, 2007


I'm so excited to be going to CHA in Chicago this year!!! I'll be going with three of my good friends, Rocio, Erin, and Sylvia!!

Everytime I'm with either or all of them it's so much fun!!! Our main focus for this show: shop like crazy for the store. I've already placed some orders. So it's going to make things just a little easier for me when I go there.

We have planned to meet with some of my reps, attend cool events like the one Scrap in style tv is doing, check out some cool sites, and I'll be teaching at one my most favorite stores, Windy City Scrapbooking!! I was asked to teach the last time we were down there for another trade show. I'm thrilled to be teaching there again.

Last reason I'm excited to be attending CHA this year? I have two books debuting(sp?)@ this show. My last canvas book and a fun little felt book.
Rocio and Sylvia are excited because this is their first time doing a book.
The canvas book has: Sylvia, Krista, Nichole, and myself.
The felt book has: Sylvia, Krista, Nichole, Rocio, and MUAH!
Sylvia even made the cover of both our canvas and felt book!!! Can't wait to have them in my hands!!!
Here are a few pictures of Michelle, Nichole, and I on our last trip to Chicago!!!

Next time...Miss're coming with us!!!!


jo said...

so cool!

Can you smuggle me in your scrapbooking tote one year too? *lol*

Laurie said...

Heck ya! I'll be ready for a kiddo break!! LOL!!!