Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Engaged and underage...

Last night Angel and Christian were on Engaged and Underage. I cracked up over most of it and felt a little bad for them for some of it.

I laugh at reality tv. A lot of it isn't real. They (the producers) will ask you to ask the other something that they know will cause problems between the two.

Another funny thing is that they can add or change anything they want. You can say, "I hate cheese" and they can change that to say, "I hate (insert name here). LOL

Anyways, I got a lot of emails from people saying they laughed through a lot and felt sorry for Christian and ANgel because of his mom. The two of them are really happy and they try to avoid being around her so there are no problems. He's mostly close to his grandparents who raised him but they live in a different country. He has such great respect for them.

Did you guys see all the online episodes? I was almost pee'ing in my pants from laughing so hard.

If you haven't seen them yet, check it out here:
Angel and Christian talking about stuff after the wedding.

There is the bridal scene.

The guys getting their eyebrows wax'd scene.

and the looking for a dress for Sassy scene.

There is going to be another show, the I do re-do show this weekend. It's going to show Angel's bridal shower and her bachellorette(sp?) party. So watch out for that, it should be quite funny and there maybe some more drama!LOL

Thanks for looking!!!


jo said...

Can't wait to see the I Do Re-Do! Saw the clips online - HILARIOUS! :)

Thena Smith said...

I was so disappointed that we didn't get to see you.


Laurie said...

Angel always handles herself so well with Rose. Can't wait to see what craziness they make with the I Do Re do show.....

Anonymous said...

Somebody can't handle the TRUTH!!

Kent said...

Have to check it out. So funny that even the preview was dramamtic but Angel and Christian are anything but dramatic.

erin Yamabe said...

drama what drama LOL

Sentimental Visions Photography said...
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Anonymous said...

I just caught the the episode from the wedding on of angel and christian. I got married at 18, but the relationship didn't last cause we were never truely compatible from the start and 11 months into the marriage, we divorced. (dont worry this gets better)
Shortly after that, at 19 I found someone who treated me with respect and love. We dated for quite some time, had a child and got married a few years later. We're both 30 now. We've been married for 7yrs but together for 12. Both have grown up together, learned how to fight and communicate (both are very important) but I did notice how they both knew how to laugh at each other, and that is important as well. Marry your best friend. You have to laugh, and learn how to talk, not yell but talk through an arguement. Have faith, and again, never stop laughing!