Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What makes you happy?

I was putting on my make up the this morning and noticed these wrikles around my eyes. They seem to have gotten even bigger than the last time I really noticed them. It really was quite disturbing to me to see so many. I started to make different gestures with my face (crazy right? LOL) to see what I did to make those wrinkles get bigger? It turned out they came from me smiling!! It made me realize how happy I am. I am constantly smiling.
This past weekend I worked endless amount of hours during two huge national scrapbook day events. On Sunday night after our event, a few friends of mine and I went to our favorite restaurant. One of my gal pals said something to the affect that she couldn't believe how happy I still was after working so many hours. It made me smile more and I told her I couldn't help it. I'm a happy person.
I love my life and every time I think of the reasons why I love my life I smile.
I love my family!! Watching my daughter, Angel become this amazing mom puts a smile on my face. The look on Jeremy's face when he comes through the door puts a huge smile on my face. When I hear my little Sierra scream out my name because she's so happy to see me puts a huge smile on my face. My grandson, Tanner puts such a massive smile on my face it hurts!
I smile everytime I walk through the doors of the store that I just recently opened.
I smile when I see the layouts that my design team have created of their beautiful families.
I smile when I am hanging out with my friends.
I smile every time we go to our favorite place, La Fondue
I smile when I am at church.
I smile when Paul puts his arms around me when we are in bed.
I smile when I get new products in my store. LOL
I smile when I take a picture of something or someone that I love.
I smile everytime I get a chance to IM with my friend Jenn in Maine.
I smile everytime I'm with my buddies Erin and Rocio and we are talking about_______ @ __________ because _________ is so ______!! LOL
I smile everytime I watch my favorite show Will and Grace!!! LOL I know they are old!LOL
There are so many reasons why I smile.
My wish is that everyone that reads this has tons of reasons to smile and that if you look in the mirror and see those little wrinkles around your eyes, realize that they are a good thing. You're happy!


Laurie said...

And you smile everytime you think of Rick Springfield and the grabbies at his concert!!! Love you girlie!

erin said...

i'm smiling as this is your second post in one week!!!
thoroughly LOVED this post. totally made me SMILE!

Halima said...

WOW! This post has truly touched me. I must admit that even though I barely know you (I think I've met you only 3 or 4 times) you are an amazing person. I loved this so much that I printed it up to keep on my bulletin board. I wish you tons more happiness and I hope you have a fantastic time at your daughter's wedding next Saturday.

jo said...

Suzy, I swear, when do you NOT smile? *lol*

You are the happiest-go-luckiest gals I know! You're infectious and I swear, if I'm feeling down, I'll just come for a visit for a hug AND a smile!

Love ya!