Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My daughter the scrapper

I got a phone call from Angel this morning. She had been busy with Tanner and was getting ready to put him down for a nap. I asked her what she was going to do and she said she was going to scrap. She's been scrapping A LOT!! I'm so thrilled that she is. It's been such a good thing for her to do. When I opened the store and made her manager I told her one of the requirements was for her to become a garage girl. She immediately freaked out because she hardly ever scraps but agreed. Well she has become such an addict. I went over to her house and she had an entire album filled with pages and when she came into work she showed me her assignments that she completed...EARLY!! They aren't do until next month.
I'm so happy that she's scrapping.


Laurie said...

Angel has been the mad cute scrapper lately!!! I'm so glad she's doing lots of scrapping!!

erin said...

yippee, and she is croppin with us tomorrow night...or no i'm workin LOL

your style is awesome mrs bartonico!!!

Kent said...

Yeah Angel- well it is about time! :-P

jo said...

That's awesome! Well, with all the inspiration around her and the awesome scrapper of a mother she has, I'm sure she's THE BOMB! :)

Miss ya girlie. we'll do lunch one of these days. :)

Sarah said...

Hi :) My name's Sarah and I just wanted to say congratulations on your daughter's wedding! I saw the show about her wedding (engaged and underage is my favorite show in the world because I'm 18 myself and have been discussing getting married to my boyfriend of 5 years for a while now :)). I was actually just looking your daughter and Christian up online to congratualate them if they had a blog like this, but I ended up finding yours and not theirs LOL. Your daughter is beautiful though and Tanner is so cute. Feel free to email me at or if you'd like to reply to me. Congratulations again!