Sunday, May 27, 2007

more pics for you....

You gals are so sweet to want more pics!!! Here are a few more from Kelle Thomas. I have not seen the other ones yet from our photographer so this is all I have.

this is for you Dawn!! :)
This is Tanner checking out his own shadow. He's so cute!

Tanner with my mom!! I love the face he's making.

Jeremy was supposed to walk Tanner down the aisle but Tanner fell asleep. Sierra walking down the isle giggling the entire time.

She smiled like this the entire time.
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Bartonico

Their first dance photos.


Laurie said...

Soooo STINKIN' cute!!!

jo said...

She's such a gorgeous bride. They make SUCH a CUTE couple! :) Love the first dance pic. :)

Tell her I said hi! :)

melissa said...

wow she looks gorgeous! what wonderful pictures :)

Magpie9759 (Jan Connair) said...

Oh my gosh--gorgeous wedding photos! And Tanner is a real cutie.

Anonymous said...

It is an AISLE, not an ISLE.

Tiffany said...

very beautiful, I do believe I saw something on MTV about this couple, can't wait to see it.

Vee said...

she looks gorgeous!!
love the colors :)
tanner looks so cute!!
have a great weekend. :)