Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The last details...

Okay so it's just 3 days until the wedding!!! I'm sweating bullets!
I'm done--got my clothes, shoes, and jewelery.
Sierra is done--got her dress, shoes, socks.
Jeremy is done-tux is ready and he got a hair cut.
Paul is done--tux is ready.
Angel is almost done--We picked up her shoes. She needs to pick up her dress tomorrow(cutting it really close). She needs to get her jewelery.

Need to get my brows waxed and a manicure still. I work until 10pm tonight. So that isn't going to happen unless I go when Lizz comes into work.

We have the bachelorette party tomorrow night right after work.

Friday is the rehearsal dinner.

Saturday we get our hair done really early in the morning. After hair we are doing make-up. We then have photos then it's the wedding!! EEK!!!

yesterday we started picking out extra songs and then I got emotional and had to stop.
okay just thinking about it more is making me emotional so I gotta stop again!!

I just want this to be perfect for our princess!!!


erin yamabe said...

it will be perfect for her! and so much more...

can't wait!

Laurie said...

Ditto what Erin said....especially the so much more!