Monday, February 05, 2007


I know it's been like forever since I updated my blog. sorry. So ready for an update? There's a lot!!!

1. The garage is moving!! I'm getting a bigger store outside of my house!!EEK!!! I'm going to be unleashed!! This is scary!!
Where? I'll be in Fremont
When? It's going to be March or April
What? Let's just say it's in a great area. I'm going to have a lot of space for crops, classes, and lots of merchandise!!!
I have the whole place decorated in my head!! I've literally had dreams about the way it's going to look. So exciting!!!

2. CHA--was extremely succesful for myself as a person and for the company I design for, Canvas Concepts.
I came back with THREE book deals. I'm excited for my g4 team.
I can't give all the details on the books but I will say this:

First book will be released in July. Krista, Nichole, myself, and one of my other garage girs, Sylvia Bargas will be working on that one. Michelle is taking a break on that book because she's a busy girl!LOL

Second book: Krista, Michelle, Nichole, and I will be working on that one. This one will also be out in July.

Third book will be out in January and it will be Krista, Nichole, myself, and I'm not sure who yet.

During CHA some companies were chosen to do videos. Ours was chosen. Here's the video.

3. I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling this year but not as much as last. I have made commitments to stores already and am excited to see them. I also have other big things planned where I'll be either in different state or country. LOL

4. Angel's wedding is just around the corner. May is going to be crazy!!! We have National Scrapbook day and her wedding!!! YIKES!!!
We have been working on her invitations. They are so cute!!! The colors? pink, black, and white. LOVE THEM!!!

5. I'm excited about my little grandson. He's so adorable. He's crawling, standing against things, and happier than ever. I just love him!!!

Okay I think that's everything. I'll post more soon!!
Oh wait, a shout out to some of my special friends who have really been there for me lately during all this craziness:
Rocio, Nichole, Michelle, Laurie, and Erin!! I love ya gals!!!



erin said...

i love you, too...afterall, you're one HOT babe!!

Mackey said...

That is fantastic! I cannot wait to check out the new books as soon as they hit the stands!! I hope someday I'm also lucky enough to be in No. CA during one of your crops!!

Great news!!

Oh - and I loved the video!

Julie said...

Wow!! What exciting news about the book deals!! Congratulations!!

jenn said...

whooo hoooo about the new store space suzy.. it was just a year ago we moved our store.... remember you were one of the 1st people to teach in our studio ;)

exciting things for you sooo fun!!! keep us posted ;)

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Great news! Congrats!

Renee said...

Congrats on the books, the wedding and the new store. How exciting.

Laurie said...

I love you too...afterall, I am your first wife! LOL =) You know I am always there for you, even if this little bambino in the oven keeps acting up! LOL Can't wait to see the invitations to Angel's wedding! Glad everything is coming together for you, your family, the store and everything!