Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sierra's photo shoot!!

I can't get over how sweet Sierra looks in these pictures. I told her I needed pictures for my next book and that we were going to take pictures.

She replies, "oh I'm going to look really cute for you mommy!!"

The way she said that, made me smile. She's so stinkin' cute!!!

I love all her little poses that she gives me. This is all her!! LOL

I love this shot. She looked over to see her daddy whom she adores and I snapped this picture.

I just love her to bits!!! She's the sweetest little thing!!


erin said...

too sweet, and saturday, i was telling angel how much of YOU i see in her...

great photos, tfs!!!

Eminepala said...

yes, SHE IS ADORABLE... So sweet, so PRETTY...

I have to learn how to take pictures like that.. they are awesome


Eminepala said...

She is really ADORABLE. So sweet, so beautiful...

awesome photos