Monday, February 19, 2007

Having fun with my friends!!!

This weekend I had so much fun with a lot of my girlfriends that I totally enjoy spending time with. They decided to do a circle journal and they get together at the garage to work on them. We got together on Saturday and it was a blast!!! We laughed over everything. Don't ask me why but we cracked up over...a red pen!!!LOL
Anyways, wanted to give a shout out to the gals that attended!!!
Rocio D., Lonae and Amber S., Victoria F., Charmaine M., Erin Y., Veronica L., and Nelana T.
Two of the regulars were missing this time around but wanted to send a shout out to them too!!! Hey there Janice N. and Traci V.!!!
You gals are the best and I love my time with you!!!


victoria said...

Thanks for the shout out Suzy! I look forward to getting together with everyone so much, can wait till the next round in the new shop!! I love how we get to know each other better during these times too. I even learned something about Lonae'that I did not already know!!!x's & o's - Victoria

erin yamabe said...

i really treasure these times, such a unique group, so happy to be a part of it!
oops, wait...was that legal?! LOL


Charmaine said...

I had an absolute blast! It is always so much fun getting together with these amazing women!