Thursday, February 08, 2007

A day to remember

Today has been one of those days that I will look back on and say, "wow that day was a good day!"
I was very busy doing many things.
----Sent out a save the date evite to a lot of people for Angel's wedding.
----narrowed down all the fixtures and furniture that I'm buying for my new store opening soon.
----watched my grandson get up and walk a long the couch.
----met a really sweet older gentleman that reminded me of my dad. We had the most awesome long conversation at Starbucks. We will never forget each other.
----watched my daughter read books to her son at the book store. The smile on his face made my heart jump.
----had a conversation with Sierra over who loved each other more.
----Watched my son walk towards me and saw a young man vs. a little kid. It almost made me cry.
----worked on the invitations for Angel's wedding.
----Visited my mom who has surgery last week while I was gone.
----had a fun conversation with my friend Michelle.
Yup, today was a good day!!!


Laurie said...

It's amazing all the little wonderful things you notice in less than 24 hours. Love the list!!! =)

rani said...

sweet! I love hearing about great days!!

rani said...

btw: excited to read about you moving out of the garage and soon to an LSS of your own! I live in SLO and travel up to Dublin and Sac every other month (I give massages!) Your new store will have to be one my regular stops!!! Congrats on the book deals too!!!

erin yamabe said...

very GOOD list, girl!!! love those:) see you soon!!