Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's a new year!!!

I'm so excited about the New Year!! It means new adventures and new memories!!! Our family loves to celebrate the year in a big way!!! We have tons of traditions.
--a table full of food: so you will never be with out food in your home.
--money in your pocket: so you will always have money through out the year.
--wear red underwear: so your love life is always hot and heavy!!just kidding. So you and your honey will feel a lot of love for one another through out the year.
--burn a 2006 calendar: get rid of the past and bring on the new year!!
--open all the windows in the house and then close them: so that you let out anything negative in your home.
There are more but these are some of my favorites!!! This year we had extra fun because my neice and nephew joined us!!! They are always home for New Years but my brother and wife were really sick. They loved joining in with our traditions!!! We laughed, played games, ate, and brought in the year together!!! I hope this year is filled with tons of love and wonderful memories!!! Happy New Year!!
Suzy West


Sheila Doherty said...

Brrr... that opening all the windows thing sounds freezy. It's only 29 degrees outside. Yikes! Guess those bad things will have to sneak out when we go in & out of the house. LOL. Happy New Year!

rani said...

love these traditions!!! gonna have to do them too!

Becca said...

LOVE these traditions--thanks for sharing them!


erin said...

happy new year right back at ya...LOL at the hot and heavy part of wearing red undies.