Sunday, December 03, 2006

Super fun weekend!!!

I had the most super fun this weekend!!! It was filled with a ton of laughter and joy with both family and friends!!!
My Friday adventure
(see picture here)
Krista Fernandez invited me and a bunch of gals to her house to attend a purse party. She said we could invite friends. I asked my gal pals Rocio Duran and Jenn Lanza to come with me!! These two are some of the most talented and sweetest gals I am blessed to know. We headed on over and went absolutely crazy with the amount of stuff they had there. My pal Laurie joined us and we all had a blast!! We all picked out stuff and left there happy!!!! Jenn, Rocio, and I went to Olive Garden that night and had a great time!!!

Saturday's activities
OMG this was one of my funnest Saturday's ever!!!! I had three events happening that day. From 10am-4pm Stacey Simpson,daytime crop coordinator hosted her annual cookie exchange crop. It was a blast!!! The girls exchanged their cookies and cropped their little hearts out!!!

From 12-2pm our mechanics got together inside for a pot luck and gift exchange!! It was so much fun!!! We ate all kinds of yummy food. I feel horrible but I totally forgot to take pictures. Picture mechanics laughing and eating!LOL

From 5pm-8pm we had a bunch of girls over for Michelle's Canvas Class. It was so much fun!!! The girls loved their projects!!! It was fun to see everyone!! I hadn't seen Monica and Malinda for a while and it was great to see their smiling faces!!!

From 8pm-10pm our family(including my parents) went to look at Christmas trees. We didn't find the perfect one so we decided to look on Sunday after church.

Sunday's activities
Today our family attended church and it was once again beautiful!! It's funny how things happen, Angel and I have been talking about how she missed singing like she use to but wasn't sure if she was ready to perform again. This morning she was asked if she would sing at one of the wards holiday Christmas party. She looked at me and asked me if she should. I told her she should make the decision. She decided to go ahead and do it. Right before going to our next class she was asked to sing at another event. She agreed to sing at that event. At the end of that class she was asked if she would like to join the choir. So after church Angel joined the choir and practiced two beautiful songs. It was a lot of fun!!! Ready or not, she's singing again and she sounds beautiful!

So we just came back from picking up a beautiful tree!!! Christian and Paul just put it up. We've had beautiful music playing. Paul is getting the ornaments so we can decorate the tree!!! I hope you have enjoyed your weekend like I have!!

May you all have a blessed week!!!


Kent said...

Cute blog Suzy! Yeah Saturday was fun! Tell Angel thank you for all my goodies!!

Dawn O said...


My favorite photo is of Sierra and Diamond with the mini "tree." That is sooo cute!!! Please scrapbook this adorable picture! I had a great time on Satand plan on coming back soon and more often. I will ask to see your Diamond's Chritmas tree layout!

mesogoofy2 said...

I had a great time hanging out with you guys at the purse party and Olive Garden!

Cute pics you took at the xmas tree lot. I love the one of Siera with Diamond and her little tree! So cute!

erin said...

what a full and fun weekend i'll say! sorry to have missed the gg party and michelle's class. kristin said it was rockin!

Laurie said...

Girlie! The weekend was super fun! So fun spending time with ya! We must do it again very soon!