Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Feel good movie!!

I hardly ever go to the movies. I think the last 5 movies I have watched were during a plane ride going somewhere. I was invited by my friend Steph to go to the movies with her last night. I wasn't going to be able to go because my g4 group had a meeting planned but we had to cancel at last minute.
anyways, she occasionally invites everyone on her yahoo mail list. Her list consists of her scrapping friends, long time school buddies, church pals, neighbors, and more. We met last night in Mountain View. I think about 10 of us showed up. It was so much fun meeting everyone!! We watched the movie, The Holidays. It was just fabulous!!! I totally recommend it. It's probably not a movie your husbands/boyfriends would like(to much of a chick flick) but boy going with a bunch of girls was perfect!! After the movie ended we all were talking about it walking towards the front of the theatres. We all said bye and hugged everyone. You would have thought we all knew everyone for years.LOL The movie was so sweet that you just felt like hugging everyone!LOL
Anyways, I give it a thumbs up!!! Watch it and tell me what you think!!!
Thanks Steph for inviting me!!!


erin Yamabe said...

i was bummed to have missed it, but you know i would have been the one snoring...i'm so happy you had such a good time, so did janice! ok, when are we going to la fondue???

Celia said...

Thanks for the review, I've got to go see it now! :D Merry Christmas girl!!!