Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The quiet one in the family.

Everyone that knows me know's that I'm loud, I talk a lot, and am pretty open about anything. My two daughters are the same way. I think Angel and Sierra even talk in their sleep!!! LOL
Well Jeremy is a different story. Jeremy is the quiet one in the family. Not a lot comes out of his mouth but when it does it's usually to say something sweet or funny. There have been a lot of changes here the last 4-5 months. There is a new baby in the house and Jeremy started jr. high so I decided it was time to have "the talk" with him. Well that was the biggest mistake ever!!! LOL We were in the garage setting up for a crop and he was helping me tape down the paper onto the tables. I started talking to him about girls and "other stuff" and well it wasn't a good conversation because by the time we(or should I say I) were done with "the talk" he was taping the paper down UNDERNEATH the tables. He is extremely shy and doesn't like to talk about girls and other embarrasing topics!LOL So I decided not to have that kind of conversation with him ever again!LOL
It's interesting how all kids are different because if I were to have a conversation with my nephew who is a little bit younger than Jeremy he would tell me anything and everything. TO MUCH info. Everyone that asks jeremy if he likes girls he immediately say, "NO!"
So I made a decision that it's actually a great thing that Jeremy is still into toys and not girls.
I was taking him to school yesterday and I said to him. "Jeremy I was talking to a friend of mine who is a psychologist and I was telling her about how shy you are and that you don't like talking about girls or other things. She told me that it was totally normal and that when you feel like talking about girls you will. It's okay for you to feel shy about this kind of thing. So I won't bring up that conversation anymore. okie doke?"
He looks up at me and gives me this smile and says" okay I admit it, I like girls!" LOL
It was so freaking cute the way it came out!! We both start laughing and I ask him, "so why haven't you said anything before this?"
He says, "mom do you remember the time that you asked me about a girl a long time ago and I said she's my friend and you thought I said she was my girlfriend and so you took a picture of her? I never forgot that" LOL
We both started laughing again. I told him I would try my hardest to not embarrass him again!LOL
Since yesterday's conversation I can't stop thinking about the smile on his face yesterday. This morning he woke up and came right over to me when he saw me in the livingroom and gave me a hug and told me he loved me. He went to the kitchen to eat and looked at me. He didn't say anything but he gave me the same smile he had given me the day before in the car. No other words came out of his mouth until it was time for him to leave and he said "good-bye". I'm sure that he's going to continue to be shy and that's okay. I can see that he is a happy kid that doesn't care about all the worldly things and would rather listen than to say something. I am okay if he just smiles at me with out saying anything because that smile says a lot!!


Laurie said...

So funny! I'll never forget at one of the crops when I asked him if he had a girlfriend yet...and he got all quiet....meanwhile Robbie pipes up with I DO!!! :) ROFLOL! Those two are so adorable!

erin said...

what a sweet, sweet post and story! i love what an awesome mom you are to your precious children! i admire that so much about you, and more girl!!!

Lynn Anne said...

WHAT a lucky mom you are.

Now quit taking pics of his suspected crushes! ROFL!!

Kent said...

What a cute story. He is such a good boy - I remember how helpful he was in setting up and tearing down at the anniversary crop. I think a lot of kids would have complained and stop working but he didn't.

Celia said...

OMG!!! I don't blame him!! LOL!! I can just see you hidin out in the bushes snapping pics of his girlfriend!! LOL!!!

Michelle said...

What a sweet boy you've got!! :D