Friday, October 27, 2006

Tanner turns 4 months!!

I can't believe my Litter Tanner is 4 months old now!!!
He is the sweetest little munchkin ever!!!

He is so funny!! Everything ALWAYS goes in his mouth. Today it's the teddy bear's foot!! I love this picture!!

Christian and Angel are having a blast with him!! This was their family photo taken a few weeks ago. They are such a beautiful family!

Thanks for looking!!!


Colleen said...

He's absolutely adorable and I can't believe you have a grandchild!! You're one stunning grandma!!

Laurie said...

You go grandma! He is adorable! Love his sweet smile!

erin said...

they certainly are a beautiful family!!! and he is simply adorable, and his little dimples...too cute, proud grandma!