Thursday, August 17, 2006

What do you do when your daughter vaccumes up the dog????

So what do you do when your five year old says she wants to "help"?
You say, "Yes!" right?
So I think to myself...what chore can I give Sierra that she can't hurt herself?
I don't want her doing dishes, doing anything with a spray bottle, and the bathroom is to much. So we got a new mini vaccume. Doesn't way much so it's perfect for her. Well not so perfect for Sassy!!
Take a look at what Sierra accidentally did to our poor dog (who at this moment is hiding underneath the table.)

She was vaccuming and who knows how but she managed to get Sassy vaccumed up. POOR DOG!!!

Sassy trying to escape.

Sassy putting her head down from embarrasment.

Sassy deciding to go to sleep because she figures the vaccume is here to stay.

Yeah, so Sierra is dusting now. LOL


erin yamabe said...

omg, you just crack me up!!! poor sassy, omg! i would be sleeping it off, too! i feel a layout coming on from these pics!

Anonymous said...
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laura vegas said...

so funny seeing these pictures after hearing the story from you tonight! can't wait to see how you scrap that! lol!

Anonymous said...

Why is the dog wearing underwear?

PROLIX said...

hihihi! ;OD
everything is "propre" now, even the dog!

too fun!

Anonymous said...

Ho, ho, is SO funny to run and get your camera so you can take photos of a dog that is obviously tangled up in a brush from a "vaccumes" The right thing for you would have to free the animal from the wrong doing that your child did. Teach your child to respect animals or you may end up with bigger problems in the future!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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