Thursday, August 31, 2006

My crazy life!!!

So for the last 2-3 weeks we have had craziness here in the West family home.
Sassy, our dog had to seizures with in a week. Last Friday was the first time he had a seizure. We thought that he had eaten something or maybe he was stung by something because the vet said his tongue was swollen and he couldn't breathe. They gave him a benadril and some steroids. He came home loopy and afraid. He just laid around. On Sunday he had the same thing happen. We took him to the vet again and this time they said they felt that he had epilepsy. For three days he did nothing but lay there. We would call him and he wouldn't respond. We fed him with a dropper. It was scary!! He is finally better and we hope he stays this way.

Angel has had many complications since she had Tanner. He is over 2 months old and she is still hasn't recooperated. She was in the hospital with in 2 weeks of having Tanner with a severe Kidney infection. She was very anemic, and had other infections. She's had other complications since then. The latest? Kidney stones and a fisure!! Poor girl has been in a lot of pain!!

Another problem is my poor daddy. He decided a few years ago he wanted to get braces. Okay, that's cool. Your over 60 you want braces. okay. So what's the problem? To make his smile perfect they told him they were going to need to break his jaw because he had an over bite. They were also going to need to wire his mouth shut to make it set that way. I told him that I felt he shouldn't do this because his jaw had been set for over 60 years. It could be very painful and there could be a ton of complications. Well guess what? there were!!! The day he had both upper and lower jaws broken and his mouth wired shut he was in so much pain that he ended up back in the hospital. he was in the hospital three different times that week. Once because of the pain, another time because he couldn't breathe, and the last, and my favorite...instead of taking a tylenol he accidentally took morphin! He was rushed to emergency where I had the great pleasure of seeing him high as a kite!LOL My dad has never ever been drunk or has never done any kind of drugs so that was a pretty site. My high as a kite daddy, with his mouth wired shut, in his pajamas and robe. Yeah, that was nice!LOL

So at the same time, my little Sierra started kindergarden, Jeremy started Jr. High, and Angel is finishing up her senior year at home.

It's been a crazy month for me!LOL I'm thinking I need a vacation. LOL

Thanks for listening to my crazy stories!!



erin said...

blog away girl! you do need a *break*, i don't quite know how you do all you do! smile, breathe, and eat lots of for me! haha.

i love ya!

Jen said...

What a time you've had. You do need a vacation. I know -- come to Maine and relax!! I could drive you around the back roads. I'm sure I wouldn't get lost this time. Ha! :) I miss you!


Laurie said...

I was gonna say, go eat some fondue, you'll feel much better! lol! It's a crazy life girl, just keep enjoying it! Hoping Angel and your daddy are feeling better soon!

Kent said...

Oh man - just read your blog! Wow things are crazy - you hidi t well today though! :-) Yeah with the jaw thing my Dentist said after your 30's your jaw soldifies and it is very hard to do any kind of dental work - like pulling teeth etc. Sounds like the Dentist should the one telling your Dad this instead of wanting to make money. Hope he feels better!

Anonymous said...

Are you alive? Just wondering if you're still on the earth.

-A fan

Anonymous said...

Your poor dad! My hubby had the same thing done with his jaw and braces etc...when he was 28 yrs. old and to this day he says it was the most painful thing ever. He said he would not recommend to anyone! I really feel for your dad! Hope he is doing better!