Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ranger Rocks!!!! NEW Dauber paints!!!!

These are the new Ranger Dauber Acrylic Paints!! I had the pleasure of being one of the designers that got to teach with these paints during CHA!! I absolutely fell in love with the product!!! Here's how they work.

They are so awesome! They come in 36 colors!!!

No more paper plates and paint brushes!!

You just push down until the paint comes out.

And paint paint paint away!!! Love it!!


Laurie said...

OY VEY! Must have some....NOW! :D

erin yamabe said...

omg, do you have them in stock then?? can't wait, i echo laurie's sentiments, must have NOW!

melissa said...

those are so cool!!--I want some! TFS :)

Kent said...

What a great idea!!

Cecile said...

love it....I know delta had some daubers too but would rather get the colour selection from Ranger....when are you carryign this, Miss Suzy