Wednesday, July 05, 2006

G4-Girls Getting Giddy In The Garage

I've had several girls ask me in the past. What is G4 and how did you come up with that name?
We are G4.
Suzy West
Nichole Pereira
Michelle Tornay
Krista Fernandez

Krista and I atteneded are very first CHA show two years ago for Canvas Concepts. We got our very first book deal by Design Originals there. We were asked what our design team name was several times and we didn't have one so after the show that night we sat in the lobby and brain stormed. We laughed at all the different names we were coming up with. We kept coming back to certain words: girls, garage, giddy, etc. I can't even remember exactly how we put it together exactly but we came up with "Girls Getting Giddy In The Garage". We loved it. That night we called Donna Wilson, VP of Canvas Concepts and told her the name. She loved it. The next day we were talking about it. Someone came up to us and said, "hey g4!" We laughed because we had just been in the show for about an hour and people already knew the name.
So that's how we came up with G4: g to the 4th power. (shorter version of the name) LOL
You might ask, why GARAGE? My business is in the


melissa said...

such a cute story and picture, love it :)

Renee said...

You guys look really great!

Sheila said...

LOL. Great story!

Kent said...

I was wondering where you got that name - now I know!!