Friday, June 30, 2006

A True Love Story

It was 6 summers ago. A boy named Chad had just moved across the street from my parents house. We came by to visit and he was moving some boxes in and saw Angel. I could tell he thought she was cute. They introduced themselves and instantly became friends. A few months later Christian came into the picture. Chad was excited to introduce "the girl across the street" from him. I was outside with my mom. The second Christian saw Angel both my mom and I knew he was totally smitten!!!
From that day on things changed. Christian was now hanging out with them and the two boys kept competing over who could charm her more. It started to become a problem. The boys would argue over who liked her more and who she liked more. So I spoke to them and told them that their friendship was more important than a crush on a girl. I told them that neither one of them could "go out with her" because I didn't want them to ruin their friendship. So for years they were friends. Christian and ANgel were especially close. They did a ton together. They truly were best friends. Even when one was "going out" with someone else they still hung out together.
Secretly Christian was in love with Angel but didn't want to tell her because he didn't want to ruin their friendship but a summer ago he told her he liked her and that he had always liked her and that he wanted them to start going out.
She thought it was kinda wierd. After their first date she said, "it was like going out with my brother!" Soon after she started seeing him like a guy verses a brother and they really became an item.
They have an amazing relationship. Their love for one another is so sweet. He truly cares about what she has to say. She is the same way. They trust each otheer completly and will do anything for one another. It really is TRUE LOVE.


Laurie said...

Awww...sweet love!

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to see Angel and Christian last night at the garage, he is a true gentleman and treats Angel so well. They are both so mature beyond their years.It's so nice to see how in love they are!


Tiffany Renea said...

young love is so beautiful

Kara said...

Oh my, Suzy... what an incredible love story. It gave me goosebumps! It's so cool that they now have a little "token" of their amazing love...

Tanner is one cutie-pie!!

Anonymous said...

I saw their story on engaged and underage! (I've never taken the time to write/look up other couples) Angel's scrapbook (from what I saw) was amazing and I loved that picture that says Family on her book shelf. Her and Christian look so happy together and I wish them the best. You should convince them to get a myspace and let their fans leave comments! A lot of people on the mtv blog page for their episode have been wondering if they have a page somewhere.