Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tanner-6 days old

Picture I took of Tanner when he got home from his dr. visit yesterday.
Tanner is such a sweetheart! Our entire family is in L-O-V-E!!!
Angel and christian are enjoying him so much!! It's hard at night because he doesn't sleep much. It was funny this morning Angel said, "mom I feel so much better today because he slept more!" Tanner woke up every TWO hours!LOL
The days before he wasn't sleeping at all. He would nurse, fall asleep, and then start crying when he was put in his crib. Waking up every two hours is crazy still but better than the days prior.


Anonymous said...

Suzy, he is darling! Congrats!

kara*k said...

He is precious, Suzy. Angel's birth story made me cry, remembering the birth of my first (almost 5 yrs. ago).

Enjoy that Tanner-boy... he's a KEEPER!

kelly edgerton said...

What a precious baby boy. Suzy, I am so happy for your family. Congratulations to Angel and Christian. Tanner is a gift.

Heather D. White said...

Oh WOW....he is absolutely GORGEOUS! No WAY are you old enough to be a grandma! Crazy! Such a sweetie. I love the pics you took of Angel pregnant...the one is pink is my fave....FANTASTIC!!!

Nichole Black said...

Beautiful, beautiful baby! Then again, your whole family is so gorgeous, how could he be anything but?! Thanks so much for sharing the pics!

Wanda E. Santiago said...

He is adorable!! Hugs Wanda

Emily said...

What a beautiful (in the manly sense) baby boy. You are truley blessed as a family!


Angela said...

HOw precious! Congrats Grandma!

~Kim said...

Tell her that it will get better! My little girl is 10 weeks old today and it wasn't until she was 7 weeks old did she sleep in her crib. Even now she doesn't like to sleep during the day, and it is hard to get her to sleep at night, but once she's down, she's down! She does sleep 5 to 6 hours at night!!! This is a huge milestone, because she would only sleep for 30-45 minutes at a time unless she was being held!

It will get better! I didn't believe people when they would tell me that!


Mary Kay said...

He's so, so beautiful, Suzy!

Here's something that helped with my #2 and #3, neither of whom liked to sleep in their crib. At first it was only on one of us, but that couldn't last long with another toddler in the house, so we put them in their car seats, and put the car seat in the crib. It worked, and lasted a few weeks.

Maybe that'll help!