Monday, June 26, 2006

My wonderful Wednesday

Hey there gals!!! The day before Angel got induced we had a fabulous event in the garage. I had a contest for 10 lucky winners to come over for a meet and greet with the mechanics and our guest scrapping celebs!!
It was so much fun!!!!
A week or so prior I was emailing back and forth with Ali to see if she had time to make it over to the garage. I was thrilled that she could come over. She asked if Cathy Z. could come with her? Let me think about that.....UM YEAH!! I love both their work. I was thrilled when Karen McGary emailed me and said that she and Vicky Harvey wanted to come too!! We then heard that Carrie Owens wanted to come and so did Shannon Montez!! We were thrilled to have them all! Steph and Di came and I was thrilled since I hadn't see them for a while. They are the original owners of Mustard Moon. Vicky and Karen bought the company from them. We had a lot of gals from Two peas there and our amazing mechanics.
It was wonderful!!! I look forward to scrapping this event!
Suzy West


Zee said...

Great photo! And I had a wanderful time! Love chatting and meeting everyone. Oh, I would be very appreciative if I could get a copy of this pic...pretty, pretty please.. hehe.

So how's mommy doing? ;)

Karen said...


First of all, Congrats to Angel and the entire family :)

Secondly, thanks for extending the invitation to the Mustard Moon crew! We had a blast and you really had me going at the restaurant with the BD surprise!

You are one great hostess!!