Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Getting ready to see Rick Springfield!!!!

I asked my husband...."Who is the love of my life?" He answered, "Rick Springfield!" I am so glad he's not confused!LOL Oh okay Paul's cool too!!!LOL
So let me begin by saying....I love Rick!!!!
This weekend Laurie, Lizz, and I are going to see him play at this event called the Second Chance Prom. It's being put on my local radion station. I'm so excited!!!
The girls have been informed that I should be thrown or tossed(which ever is easier) on, around, or near Rick!! Yes, I want him that bad!!!
If it's not to much of a bother, I would also like to be locked into a room with him!!! :) It doesn't have to be a big room! Just big enough for me and Rick to be able to move.LOL You all know I'm just kidding ((((coughcoughNOTcoughcough))))
I'm so looking forward to this event!!! I'll keep you posted to what happens!!!
I can't wait to hang out with Rick, I mean Laurie and Lizz!!!LOL We are going to have so much fun!!!


andie said...

oh rick springfield!!!! have fun!!!!

*Jeanne* said...

Oh I love Rick.. I remember in high school buying the Hard to Hold movie and always rewinding and putting it on pause on the part that he was dropping his towel. oh la la! lol

You have a blast... get plenty of pictures!

Laurie said...

LOL! We are going to have so much fun!! Can't wait!!

Barbie said...

Ohhhhhh, makes me think of Jesse's girl. I love that song. ENJOY yourself and take some pictures!!!

Zee said...

LOL...I have been hearing about this constantly on the radio. Sounds like a great time! You guys getting all dulled up for this prom? ;) I need pictures, so don't forget the camera! hehehe