Thursday, June 01, 2006

Do you love THIS job?

few weeks ago Sierra came out to the garage where I was working. I must have been totally into my project because Sierra started to stare at me do my job. We start talking:

Sierra- "Mommy, do you love your job?"
Me- "yes sweetie, I LOVE my job!"
Sierra- "that's great mommy!!"

She leaves. Later on that night I put her in her bed. Few minutes later:

Sierra- "mommy can I sleep with you?"
me- "sure"
Sierra- "mommy can you rub my back?"
me- "sure"
Sierra looks at me a few minutes later and says, "Mommy do you love THIS job?"
me- "Sweetheart, I LOVE this job!!!!"


Laurie said...

Awwww..sniffle..sniffle...That Sierra I tell you! I'll still never forget the day she was mad and slammed the door though. Even that was cute when she did it..well, maybe not to you, but I thought the door slamming was adorable! :)

Kent said...

She is so cute! We have to get her and my Tyler together because they both have the cutest voices!