Saturday, May 13, 2006

Grandma Suzy!

See this face? Does this really look like the face of a grandma? Sure I have grey hair, I wear underwear that goes up to my shoulders, I drive a mini van, and I have a ton of wrinkles around my eyes but I'm actually really young!LOL
In a little more than 7 weeks I will become a brand new grandma!! I'm actually quite thrilled about the baby and will spoil him rotten but my gosh, I feel like I have aged about 30 years since I found out I was going to become a grandma!!!
I'll tell you a secret! Since I found out I was going to become a grandma I decided I wanted to look younger and started buying things that "younger" people wear. I went to the store looking for a cute mini skirt the other day. That was interesting. The last time I bought one I could actually stick my whole butt in there. This time I felt like I was pushing my butt into it. I didn't buy it. I bought myself a few pairs of really cute undies. I put them on and they were lost!! To this day I can not find them. I've even tried to act more hip! It's not working!
I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to be a really cool grandma and will hold the title proudly!! I was standing near a whole bunch of grandmas the other day and I gotta brag...I think I was the best looking one there!!! hee hee!!


Dawn said...

You do look too young to be a grandmother :) This past September my first grandchild was born. She is a cute as cute can be. Besides my 25 year old DD I have a 7 year son!!! I think that's what keeps me young!!!

Enjoy and spoil away! It's the best part!

take care,

emre said...

become a grandma ? impossible lol because you look so young

Janelle said...

You'll be the Hot Granny! You certainly do look too young to be expecting a grandbaby!

ejmom said...

You'll be a great grandma! And...nope you don't look old enough.

Jen (the Mainer) said...

Suzy, you are going to be the coolest, hottest grandma ever, "grannie panties" and all! By the way...I think I have the same grey hair, underwear, and mini van. Yikes!

Love ya!

Random me said...

GET OUT!!! I thought I saw you post a LO about how your daughter's belly is changingand I thought "what the heck?" OMG! Suzy? A grandmother?

I am thoroughly excited for you, girl. Not only do you look so young, you are young. (As long as you're younger than me)..You'll be better able to keep up with your grandbaby. Congrats!


Kent said...

Whew - your blog was getting dusty! :-) You'll be a hip grandma don't worry!

motherkearney said...

Can't wait to see that little baby's face!

Miss ya!

sylvia said...

you go on with your bad self grammy!!! ;)

Amy said...

I guess I don't understand why it's bad to dress age-appropriate.

You dress fine. You are young at heart and that's what matters most.