Friday, May 19, 2006

Date night with the little guy in my life!!!

I love to spend time with my son Jeremy. It's usually with everyone around and Sierra wanting all my attention so every so often he and I plan a special night for just us two. Tonight was that night. He's been dying to go to with me to La Fondue. He has heard about this place and has seen pictures of his daddy and I on our date night. He has asked me several times to take him but the place is pretty expensive so I didn't want to take him unless I knew he would like the food we were eating.
I was planning our date night and decided to take him there. We had such a great time. His eyes would get so big every time he would see the food they were bringing out. He ate a ton of food!!!
If you have never been to a place like this let me give you the scoop!!
You start off with a HUGE salad!! It's so delicious. Inside the salad there are sandwhich rolls that are to die for!!!

You then choose your cheese fondue. I like the Mediteranean fondue. It's so delicous. They give you a ton of bread, vegetables, and more.

Then it's your main course. We ordered the Romantique. It's chicken, steak, and shrimp. OMG it's so good!!!! We used the skillet and cooked the meat. YUMMY!!!

Last is the chocolate fondue. You can choose all different kinds of chocolates but I always get plain milk chocolate. You get a dish filled with marshmallows, cooksie, cake, cheese balls, strawberries, grapes, snickers, rice crispy treats, and tons more. OMG this is so delicious!!!!

Jeremy LOVED the place. We had a great time talking about different things. I look forward to our next date. I love my son!!! I hope he never forgets about our night together. I know I won't!

I love you sweetheart!!!


Kent said...

Those pictures are priceless! I love the look on his face when he is cooking the meat! Such a boy! I have got to go back to that place. It has been so long!

jenn said...

ooh suzy :) i remember you telling me how much you *loved* that restaurant :)

nice that you had a good time!!