Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Suzy.....You've got some explaining to do....

Let's see...how do I start this thread...Oh I know!!! I'm SORRY!!!!" I have totally neglected my blog. I swear I have excuses and their good!LOL Why have I not updated my blog?
1. I have been traveling. Since I last posted I've been back East TWICE!! I taught at two wonderful stores. In Auburn, Maine http://www.memorylanepages.com and in Cape Cod http://www.colorfulcreations.net/. I had a blast at both stores!!!
In Maine I taught three fun classes. I then spent some wonderful time with my friend Jenn who took me around Maine. We had such a great time!!! In Cape Cod I taught two classes. They just opened a new store there and it's freaking awesome!! I also taught at a rep show. That was a blast!!! I got to teach two classes in Framingham, MA. A bunch of other manufactures were also there teaching classes. It was wonderful to meet so many wonderful people!!
2. I've been working on my FOURTH book!!! Michelle Tornay, Krista Fernandez, and Nichole Periera and I have been working non-stop. We finally finished on Sunday and the projects were sent out yesterday. I'm so THRILLED about this book. It's are first NON CANVAS book. (don't worry we are doing another canvas book) We were on a serious deadline (the word "dead"....that's how I feel after creating so many projects!LOL) because this book will be out THIS JULY!!!
3. My family...yes, I needed to spend sometime with my dh who has been very supportive of me and the three kiddo's of mine that I swear I would go nuts over if I didn't get to spend time with them.

Okay so am I forgiven? I promise I will try to update more often! I've got so many great stories to tell you about things going on with me. I'll save them for some of my next blog entries.

Ps. if you are in the east coast. I will be teaching at two stores at the end of this month.
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Rene said...

Bought time you updated this thing! Grumble Grumble...

Jennia Hart said...

Hey girl!! Glad to hear you are getting so much accomplished!!!



jenn said...

cape cod {{{loves}}} suzy!!!