Thursday, January 19, 2006

There's a fist time for everything!!!

There's a first for everything!!! Fill this out and send the same questionaire to 3 bloggers. Keep it going...

1. First time you got kissed: 12
How was it? yucky!! He tried to french kiss me and I thought it was gross.

2. First time you drove a car: I was 17
What kind of car? It was a Honda Prelude
3. First time you scrapbooked: 11 years ago
When you look at your page do you love it? Oh it is UGLY! The lady that was teaching me how to scrap told me to silouette everything!! (I was scrapping my wedding pictures)
4. First time you went on a date: 16
Where did you go and with who? We drove around all night. It was cruise night and that's what kids did back then.
5. First time you fell in love: 15
How did you know? I ooodled over him all the time. Everytime I saw him I felt my knees melt.
6. First time you cooked for someone: 19
Was it yummy? What did you make? It was gross!!! I tried to make a steak for him. It was so nasty!!!
7. First time you got on a plane: 7
Where did you go? Were you scared? My family took me and my brothers to Mazatlan.
8. First time you shaved your legs: 12 years old
Did you cut yourself?I tore my legs up!! I still have a scar from that first experience.
9. First time you put one make up: 12
Looking back how did you do? Did you look good or like a clown? I actually did a good job! I use to do my friends make up. People were always amazed at the eye shadow combo's I use to put together.
10. First time you moved out of your home: 18
Was it an apartment, house, etc? It was an apartment with my boyfriend.

Don't forget to send this to three bloggers!!!!

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Heather D. White


Laurie said...

Whew! You didn't call me out! Wahooo! :) You are way too funny sister!