Thursday, January 19, 2006

Let me introduce you to the most handsome man on the planet!!!

His name is Rick Springfield!!! Let me tell you about how much I love this guy:

1. I listen to him atleast once a day. One song? No the whole album!! One time? No, I run it through until someone makes me turn it off!! At crops it's usually Laurie or Rebecca. Oh and Michelle brings her Ipod because she can't stand listening to him.

2. My husband and I have an agreement that if Rick was ever super drunk and blind and and could feel my extra five or so rolls on my body I get a freebie with him no questions asked!

3. You can talk about my messy husband...BUT NEVER talk about my Rick! UNLESS, you are going to say how wonderful he is.

4. I have had atleast 1000 dreams about him. We have been a happy couple in my dreams!! Mr. & Mrs. Rick Springfield!!! Sounds good huh???

5. CONFESSION: ONe time I was sooooooooooooo not in the mood...Paul told me to pretend he was Rick Springfield!!! We has the best night ever!!!!!!!!! (Can't believe I just admitted to this)

6. I would like someone to call Oprah (or any talk show host) and have her do a dream come true type of show where I am the gues and Oprah says..."I hear you're in love with RIck Sprinfield! Today is your lucky day! He's here!!!" He would sing to me, give me a kiss, and I would express my love for him. ANYONE is welcome to do this for me!LOL

If you've read through this you must like me...or think I'm crazy!LOL Either's true!!! I love Rick Springfield!!!


Michelle Tornay said...

*LOL* Suzy you crack me up! I think I should pick up a few Rick posters for you to hang up in the garage...maybe I can scan a couple and photoshop you in to them *LOL*



Laarni DeGuzman said...

Too funny Suzy!! Did you know that Rick Springfield is back on General Hospital?? You can possibly see him everyday! But he has aged so don't know if you want to remember the Rick from back in the day or if you just want to see him. He's been on a few episodes so I don't know if he'll be on for much longer!

Rick Springfield said...

Oh Thank you so much Suzy! When are you going to come to a concert and "hook up" with me? Smooches!

Judie in Oz said...

OK, so I guess you don't need to know that I have Rick Springfield's first album on vinyl? He was pretty cute though!

Rene said...

You listen to him once a day? How come we have to listen to the album 50 times on crop nights? Yah know, if we didn't love you so much :-)

Katherine B. said...

Shut up!! I love him too!!!