Friday, January 20, 2006


You see before you, three EXHAUSTED gals!!! We got together last night to create projects for Canvas Concepts. We all worked, took care of kids, drove all over, and see all this paint???? Yeah, painted and created some awesome projects for CHA!!! (These are some of our canvases from our Trading Spaces line.) We had so much fun creating but after a while were EXHAUSTED!! I wonder if it was because it was 11:45pm when we ended? I went to bed exhausted!!!
So today I drove down to San Francisco to deliver our projects and to pick up more product to create even more projects!!!
I just finished getting things ready for our sale and our crop tonight that ends at midnight!!! Have to be ready for tomorrow's sale in the morning and our crop/sale tomorrow night that also ends at midnight!! On Sunday...I'm sleeping!!!


*Nichole* said...

The amount of trouble you are in is IMMENSE...I cannot believe you put these pictures up...I look like a living, breathing GHOST!


Suzy West said...

by the way, I have new assignments for ya!!!

Rori said...

You chickies are busy lil workers!! Can't wait to see the projects at CHA!! What booth # are you in?

Cat said...

Very cool stuff, Suzy! I noticed that you made a deal with Kristina to schlep your stuff at 2peas... that's awesome! Have fun at CHA!!

sylvia said...

OH SCARY!! suzy!!! i didn't know you were using these pics for your blog!! i told you, you needed to talk to my agent first!! yukky!!!

Court said...

hhhmmm sounds like tons of fun to me :)
Wish I could be exhausted with you guys LOL