Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Creating makes me feel good!

For as long as I can remember, I have always liked to work with my hands. I started scrapbooking over 11 years ago! I can't believe it! Ever since then I've been creating pages and different projects for myself and others. When Canvas Concepts came along, it was perfect for me!! I love designing for them!!
We have new sizes that are coming out at CHA. One of these sizes is in this project. The canvas that says DREAM on it is our new 4x12. It's such a fun size to play with. I asked the company to please create this size because it would go well with a lot of our other sizes including these two that it's hanging with.
Michelle, created a project for me. If you are going to CHA you will see it there. If not, you can view it here. It is so awesome!! It also shows some of our new sizes. I also asked Nichole to create items for me. She did a fabulous job on her canvases!! Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of it but if you are going to CHA you will see it there!!

So I've been busy creating for CHA . I've also been busy creating for the stores I am going to be teaching at. The first store I'm going to belongs to my friend Jen. I met her through 2peas in a bucket. (I love this site. It's full of talented scrapbookers.) She was visiting California with her friend and came to visit my store. We got to talking and she invited me to teach at her store that she was opening in Auburn, Maine. That was just about 5 or so months ago. I'm so excited to go visit her again in March. She's become one of my closest friends. Some of the other places I'm going to are Los Angeles, Boston, Cape Cod, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and New York. I look forward to creating projects for these stores and teaching others to work with canvas. It makes me feel good to see their smiling faces when they see what they have created!! *hugs*


Wanda E. Santiago said...

Hey beautiful
Awesome!! Hugs Wanda

Jessi said...

So cool! I hope that you teach in San Antonio some time...I would love to take a class!

Peggy said...

Yay! Coming back to Goshen right?? looking fwd to seeing you again. Hopefully I'll be able to come.

Jennifer said...

I love the new canvas sizes, and I can't wait to play with some of them! The calendar is beautiful!

jo said...

I love this canvas! You got me addicted to canvases now. :) I can't wait to try to come up with something on my own, thanks to you!